Employee Health Data Analyses Must Include Race And Ethnicity

December 28, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted, at the core of racial equity and social justice movements are health disparities along racial and ethnic lines. Health inequities can be addressed in the workplace through access to culturally sensitive programs and equitable health benefits for all employees and their families. For employers to provide optimal benefits, for insurers to offer them, and for health care systems to provide equitable quality care, stakeholders must acknowledge that participation in well-being programs and health benefits utilization vary by race and ethnicity, among other factors. Ultimately, for organizations to identify and eliminate gaps in their programs, ensure equitable quality care, and address health disparities, the collection of employee health data by race and ethnicity must be improved. Read more here.

(Source: Bruce W. Sherman et al.; Health Affairs; 12/17/20)

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