Emerging Biotechs Lead 2024’s Most Anticipated Drug Launches

January 29, 2024

The key points and takeaways from the report on the most anticipated new drugs of 2024 are:

  1. Karuna Therapeutics’ KarXT: This is considered the biggest launch 2024, focusing on schizophrenia. It’s notable because Karuna is not a major pharma company, and the drug targets a condition not typically associated with blockbuster sales. KarXT, a first-in-class M1 / M4 muscarinic receptor agonist, was a central factor in Bristol Myers Squibb’s $14 billion acquisition of Karuna. It’s expected to generate $2.8 billion in sales by 2028.
  2. Eli Lilly’s Donanemab: This Alzheimer’s disease drug has faced a difficult path toward approval but remains highly anticipated. After downgrading sales expectations due to challenges in the Alzheimer’s market, sales are now projected to reach $2.2 billion by 2028.
  3. Madrigal Pharmaceuticals’ Resmetiron: A treatment for non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), this drug represents a significant opportunity in a challenging field where many other attempts have failed. Its sales are estimated to be $2.1 billion by 2028.
  4. Merck & Co.’s Sotatercept: For pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH), the sotatercept is unique because of its different mechanism from existing treatments. Expected sales are around $2 billion by 2028.
  5. Daiichi Sankyo/AstraZeneca’s Datopotamab Deruxtecan: This cancer treatment is an antibody-drug conjugate targeting lung and breast cancers, with projected sales of $1.8 billion by 2028.
  6. BridgeBio Pharma’s Acoramidis: A heart disease treatment targeting ATTR cardiomyopathy, it’s expected to carve out a significant market share with estimated sales of $1 billion.
  7. Moderna’s mRNA-1345: An RSV vaccine for adults; this product is entering a competitive market but still projects significant potential with $913 million in sales by 2028.
  8. ImmunityBio’s Anktiva: Targeting nonmuscle invasive bladder cancer, it has an estimated sales potential of $878 million.
  9. Verona Pharma’s Ensifentrine: This drug for chronic COPD is expected to introduce a new mechanism of action in the treatment landscape, with sales projected at $784 million.
  10. Geron’s Imetelstat: Focused on lower-risk myelodysplastic syndromes, this is a potential landmark approval for a telomerase inhibitor, with sales anticipated to be $737 million.

Overall, the report emphasizes a shift in the pharmaceutical industry, highlighting the emergence of smaller biotech firms leading major drug launches, a focus on previously underrepresented diseases, and cautious optimism and conservative forecasting in drug development and market potential.

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[Source: Fierce Pharma, January 29th, 2024]

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