Drug Purchasing Group Sues Takeda Over Gout Drug Pay-For-Delay Deal

April 12, 2023

Takeda is once again in hot water over allegations it participated in a pay-for-delay deal, this time over its gout drug Colcrys. The plaintiffs, a group of drug distributors, claim that Takeda patent settlements with several generics manufacturers delayed the release of cheaper alternative, preventing price drops for the millennia-old drug.

According to , “Colcrys secured three years of regulatory exclusivity for treating gout flares and seven years for treating FMF. Takeda’s “final exclusivity” expired on July 29, 2016, according to the suit. Also after the FDA’s approval, more than 20 generic versions of colchicine were pulled from the market, according to the plaintiffs. By May 2014, Takeda had raised the price by 5,733.33% compared with the med’s cost in 2006, the plaintiffs say.”

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(Source: Fierce Pharma, April 12th, 2023)

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