Drug Makers Raise Prices of Hundreds of Medications by 4.9% for 2022

January 4, 2022

Data from 46Brooklyn Research shows that drugmakers have raised the cost of 460 drugs by a median of 4.9%. These raises are similar to increases in the past three years versus the double-digit hikes seen previously. This more conservative approach comes in response to Americans’ increasingly vocal disdain for increasing drug prices.

According to Ed Silverman of Stat News, “Wholesale prices do not always tell the whole story, since these do not reflect rebates and discounts drug makers pay to pharmacy benefit managers for favorable placement on insurance formularies. This is why drug makers argue wholesale price hikes do not automatically generate larger profits. Even so, many consumers without insurance or with high-deductible health plans often pay the wholesale price.”

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(Source: Stat News, January 4th, 2021)

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