Driving More Value and Cost Savings With SDOH Data

January 6, 2021

Getting a Social Determinant of Health (SDOH) initiative off the ground requires thoughtful coordination and analysis between analytics teams, clinicians, social workers and others, and buy-in from leadership. SDOH data includes details about income, education, race, gender and other social factors. Healthcare organizations understand that SDOH factors can play a vital role in improving health outcomes and minimizing medical care costs. Yet many are still missing the opportunity to maximize the impact of SDOH data on patient outcomes.

Lexis Nexis has compiled best practices and knowledge in a playbook to help you maximize the impact of your SDOH data, build a strong business case for SDOH initiatives and positively impact the health outcomes for your patient population. You will learn:

  • What data is best for SDOH initiatives
  • How to measure success by each stage in the care journey
  • The three steps to consider
  • How to build ROI through SDOH initiatives

Access the playbook here.

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