DIA DIRECT Webinar: Post-Pandemic Paradigm Shifts and New Dimensions of Value

September 1, 2020

Join Gregory Daniel, PhD, MPH, Head, US Healthcare Policy, Edwards Lifesciences; Rita Numerof, Co-Founder and President, Numerof & Associates; and Michael Rosenblatt, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Flagship Pioneering for a discussion of how COVID-19 has unmasked weaknesses in our social, economic, and healthcare systems and forced us to reexamine how we measure value. As we move toward a new normal in which customer perceptions around clinical and economic value have been forever changed, there is a need for drugmakers to rethink the way evidence is developed, drugs are priced, and how products are commercialized. This webinar will explore how business will need to adapt to the needs of patients in a post-pandemic world. Topics of discussion include:

  • What important market shifts already underway before COVID-19 are going to be accelerated by the pandemic?
  • What opportunities lie ahead for a re-configuration of the healthcare system?
  • What challenges do we need to overcome? (financial, logistical, regulatory, societal, etc.)
  • How can companies negotiate the complex dynamics of this transformational change?
  • What could a new commercial model look like?

Access the full webinar here.


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