Data Exchange for Drug Rebate Processing and Contract Management Enhanced by HealthVerity’s Latest Acquisition

August 31, 2020

An industry leader in privacy-protected data exchange, HealthVerity, acquired the industry’s leading innovator in cloud-based drug rebate processing and contract performance management, Curisium. This combination will result in a more complete, responsive, and robust infrastructure for data sharing between pharmaceutical manufacturers, pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs) and payers. The combined capabilities of both firms will enable drugmakers, PBMs and payers to simplify rebate negotiation and payment management.

“We are excited to join HealthVerity and to continue our mission of empowering life sciences companies and payers with a more agile, progressive approach to healthcare contracting,” said Peter Kim, Co-founder and CEO of Curisium. “Our clients will now have access to clinically relevant outcomes that have benefitted from these healthcare contracts, in addition to a greater understanding of the impact on patient lives. We see HealthVerity as being well positioned to become the premier network for privacy-protected data exchange across biopharma, payers, PBMs and pharmacies and we’re excited to join forces in this cause.”

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(Source: HealthVerity, Accessed August 31, 2020)

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