Cytel’s Advanced Design Framework to Improve Clinical Trials

February 4, 2021

Cytel has released its Advanced Design Framework as a method to minimize failed clinical trials. Ideally, biostatisticians are involved in clinical trial planning from the very beginning. This isn’t always possible, nor is it possible to account for every single variable. Cytel’s new technology fills this gap in study design.

According to Cytel, “As R&D teams aim to launch a trial, the one variable over which they have the most control is time. Biostatisticians are therefore asked to focus early on a handful of clinical study designs, and refine them until those specific designs are optimized. Yet the millions of other potential designs are left unexplored. This method, sometimes called satisficing, ensures design meets a minimum number of satisfactory criteria. What it does not do is optimize across a number of critical parameters including the speed of a clinical trial. A number of trial designs are left unexplored, usually resulting in a suboptimal trial choice of trial.” Access the webinar here.

(Source: Cytel, 1/4/2021)

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