Cytel Consultant Discusses Using Rolling-Enrollment to Speed Up Clinical Trials, Reduce Costs, and Improve Patient Safety

July 30, 2021

In the traditional clinical trial model, patients are enrolled in a clinical trial and then the effects of a treatment are assessed. However, this approach can be time-consuming and costly. Cytel’s Pantelis Vlachos discusses how the alternative cohort-based enrollment can be incorporated into study design. He also highlights how Cytel’s East Bayes software can improve clinical decision-making and improve patient safety.

“Cohort-based enrollment can thus slow down dose-finding trials since the outcomes of the previous cohort must be fully evaluated before the next cohort can be enrolled. This type of cohort-based designs can also be inefficient, especially if the trial needs to be frequently suspended.” Learn more here.

(Source: Pantelis Vlachos, Cytel, 7/2/21)

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