Cytel Blog on Using Bayesian Methods to Improve Clinical Trials

April 27, 2021

A Cytel blog post discusses how using Bayesian methods can lead to several key benefits in clinical trial design, including reduced costs and improved efficiency. Content Marketing Manager Mansha Sachdev also discusses limitations that can’t always be overcome by Bayesian methods, such as underpowered studies. She also discusses East Bayes, a tool that helps researchers overcome computing challenges.

“Bayesian methods bring flexibility and speed to clinical trial design and analysis. Yet access to such designs has been limited by the need for powerful computational modelling and deep statistical expertise. In this blog, I touch upon some advantages of using Bayesian trial designs and the challenges faced in the process. Learn about a new solution that broadens and simplifies access to complex Bayesian clinical trial designs.” Read more here.

(Source: Mansha Sachdev, Cytel, 4/14/21)


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