CVS Releases Health Trends Report for 2020

January 23, 2020

CVS Health this week released its “Health Trends 2020” report which identifies six key trends in the health care industry, Fierce Healthcare reports.

In its report, CVS outline these six trends:

  • Ongoing innovations in kidney care;
  • Increasing scrutiny in the self-care landscape;
  • Responsible handling of medical data;
  • Extending preventative care to underserved communities;
  • Tackling the “epidemic of loneliness”; and
  • Boosting transparency in prescription drug prices.

“Navigating the way forward calls not only for the ability to read the road, but excitement about where the road leads,” the report states. “While the coming changes will bring challenges, the health care sector is also faced with a period of profound transformation.”

To read CVS’ report, click here.

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