Creating Master Protocols for Clinical Trials with Bayesian Methods

February 5, 2021

Clinical researchers have sought to streamline protocols and to thereby improve both reproducibility and efficiency. As a result, the use of master protocols in the drug development field has become more widespread. Analysis of the resulting data also requires a “master method.” In this webinar, Jason Connor, president of ConfluenceStat, discusses how Bayesian methods are especially helpful in clinical trials and drug development.

“The desire for greater efficiencies within clinical development has begun to highlight the many benefits of master protocols. Cytel founder Cyrus Mehta, for example, gave a webinar last year on multi-arm multi-stage clinical trials, which resulted in discussion of whether FWER requirements ought to be adjusted to incentivize the efficiencies offered by master protocols.” Watch the webinar here.

(Source: Cytel, 2/2/21)

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