COVID-19 Pandemic Brings Far-reaching Healthcare Consequences and Increased Disease Risk

March 22, 2021

A new whitepaper discusses how deferred care or a lack of care during the pandemic will drive high healthcare costs for payers and late-stage disease diagnoses by providers. Predictive analytics provide insight into the top three diseases expected to be diagnosed in 2021 and trends expected in coming years. The paper also proposes solutions to reduce disease risk and improve patient health.

“COVID-19 care deferrals lead to three major boomerang conditions that payers and providers must proactively address. COVID-19’s hidden victims—those who avoided or deferred care during the pandemic—will increasingly return to the healthcare system, and many will be diagnosed with new conditions at more advanced stages. Healthcare leaders must act now to keep this boomerang from driving worse outcomes and higher costs.” Read more here.

(Source: 2/8/21, HealthPayerIntelligence)

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