The MSL role may never fully return to what it was before COVID, as it is now commonplace for KOLs to prefer remote meetings, which reshapes how the relationship must be managed. Amidst those fundamental changes, MSLs still need to deal with ever-present challenges such as determining the best performance metrics, working with colleagues on commercial teams, and pacing themselves during stretches with little or no new product information.

The 5th Next-Gen MSL Excellence Summit helps you answer all of these questions and many more, while strengthening the emotional intelligence and technological skills MSLs must have. Join us October 22-23 in Philadelphia and learn essential techniques for refining your relationship management and team cooperation!

Topics covered will include:

  • Manage the Technical Meeting Preferences of KOLs
  • Maintain Compliance with the False Claims Act
  • Structure Partnerships Between Medical and Commercial Teams
  • Improve Relationships with Speaker Bureaus and Advisory Boards
  • Keep Teams Engaged During Periods with Little New Information

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