RWE serves as a multifaceted tool, enhancing safety and efficacy data, demonstrating a product’s value and cost-effectiveness to payers, and facilitating market entry for new and innovative treatments. In order to navigate the evolving landscape of RWE analysis, biopharma companies must gain insight into emerging clinical trial developments, cutting-edge AI trends, and the latest governmental regulations and policies.

DGE invites you to its 3rd Real World Evidence and Market Access Summit– the only industry event to specifically focus on discussing the current and future challenges associated with RWE utilization, all while illustrating its value in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape! Join us February 26-27 in Philadelphia for an unequaled learning opportunity  about topics YOU requested – including:

  • Empower Regulatory Decisions with Real-World Evidence
  • Unlock RWE’s Impact in Single-Arm Clinical Trials
  • Navigate Increased Government Intervention in Trial Design
  • Enhance Reimbursement: RWE’s Influence on Drug Access and Pricing
  • Explore Healthcare Insights: AI and RWE Collaboration
  • Anticipate the Future of AI and Machine Learning

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