ConcertAI Launches CancerLinQ, An Oncology-focused Set of COVID-19 Resources

October 8, 2020

ConcertAI recently launched CancerLinQ Discovery, a set of oncology-focused COVID-19 resources aimed at supporting the needs of providers, innovators, and researchers. The platform will create a linkage between de-identified clinical data and claims data to foster a more robust understanding of the patient experience by creating a prospective view of a subset of patients under active treatment. This dataset will allow stakeholders to:

  • Assess incidence of COVID-19 diagnosis among oncology populations;
  • Find changes in treatment patterns;
  • Develop special precautions and treatment approaches based on specific treatment response and COVID-19 vulnerabilities;
  • Enable new approaches to clinical research that accelerate study restarts, enable new clinical studies to be initiated, and limit onsite personnel requirements.

Read more here.

(Source: ConertAI, PRNewsWire, October 8, 2020)

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