Cigna Sees Cost Savings, Improved Member Engagement in Study

January 20, 2021

Cigna is seeing notable savings and improved member engagement through its integrated benefits plans, according to a new study. On average, these plans saved $227 annually per member, and, for members who have an identified opportunity to improve their health, savings were $4,741 per member annually, the study found. For members with cancer, these plans led to an average of $6,700 in savings per member per year, and for those with diabetes, annual savings were $2,700 on average per member.

Young Fried, chief clinical officer at Cigna Pharmacy, told Fierce Healthcare that the simplicity of having benefits for medical care, behavioral health care and pharmacy services integrated makes it easier for patients to take advantage of these offerings. “If you simplify healthcare, we get these great results,” Fried said. Read more here.

(Source: Paige Minemeyer; Fierce; 1/20/31)

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