Changes in HealthCore Leadership

February 4, 2021

Mark Cziraky was vice president of scientific affairs, chief growth officer, and co-founder of HealthCore, Inc. He has transitioned to president of HealthCore. Former president and co-founder Marcus Wilson is now Chief Analytics Officer leading the Enterprise Analytics Hub of Anthem, Inc. HealthCore is part of Anthem, Inc. These changes will make HealthCore run more smoothly and better align with its customers’ needs.

According to Cziraky, “By joining the Anthem Enterprise Analytics Hub, we can help drive strategy and utilize our industry partnerships and collaborations and collective expertise to enable our partners and Anthem to become greater insights-driven organizations and have an even greater impact on healthcare,” adding “We’re not changing the way we work – we’re amplifying the effect of the evidence we generate.” Read the press release here.

(Source: HealthCore, 2/1/21)

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