Challenge and opportunity abound Through Remote Patient Monitoring

September 3, 2020

Identifying a cohort and then recruiting and monitoring clinical trial patients is an expensive and time-consuming exercise. Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) technology is now changing all that. RPM improves patient engagement, simplifies recruitment, and allows for collection of qualitative data in real-time. Thus, RPM will lead to more innovative and adaptive clinical trial designs allowing treatments to be tailored to individual patients. A recent report from FirstWord draws upon experts to answer key questions:

  • What RPM opportunities has the COVID-19 pandemic presented to pharma?
  • What opportunities are there for RPM technologies to enhance and speed up clinical trials?
  • How could RPM change disease monitoring/management and what conditions have the greatest potential to benefit from RPM?
  • What are the barriers to patient engagement with RPM and how can these be overcome?
  • What are the essential ingredients for developing effective RPM partnerships with technology companies?
  • What are the trends in sensor technology that could improve RPM platforms?

Access the full report here.

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