Can User Guide for Biden Inform Drug Cost Policy?

February 2, 2021

Drug costs will be a point of policy for Biden’s administration. Although there are many theories and proposed solutions, reducing prescription drug costs may not require any additional research. Christopher Morten of the New York University Technology Law and Policy Clinic has written a manual on federal law.

Reported in STAT News,“In collaboration with PrEP4All, an AIDS activist group, and three of his students, Morten has just published a “user’s guide’” to a federal law that he believes could help lower drug costs. The focus is on Section 1498, which would allow the U.S. government to use patents and compensate the owners. Unlike march-in rights, the idea has gotten little attention, but he argues its time may have come.” Learn more here.

(Source: Ed Silverman, STAT News, 1/26/21)

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