Can Economic Evaluation Achieve Meaningful Use in Reducing Healthcare Costs in the US?

October 2, 2020

Despite being the most inefficient in terms of healthcare spending among developed nations, the United States does not routinely apply economic evaluation to health care decision making at the national level. Now more than ever, the US should consider the benefits of economic evaluation so that new solutions can be developed to reduce healthcare spending and waste. This article describes different considerations in making economic evaluation methods an effective component of value-based decision making in the US. Addressing these issues will go a long way toward achieving a collective purpose for economic evaluation at the state and national levels. Access the full article here.

(Source: William V. Padula and Mark J. Sculpher. Ideas About Resourcing Health Care in the United States: Can Economic Evaluation Achieve Meaningful Use? Annals of Internal Medicine 2020 Sep 29)

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