Boston Strategic Partners Supplier Spotlight

May 6, 2022

Supplier Spotlight® highlights the unique skills and services offered by organizations who are part of our CONNECTED COMMUNITY™. We recently spoke with experts from Boston Strategic Partners, Inc. (BSP), for insights into their global advisory firm that offers five different types of services exclusively to the life sciences industry. Read the interview below!

What is your company’s mission?

At BSP, our mission is to enable our clients to achieve the absolute best for their corporation. Our motto of “pursuing excellence through continuous improvement” encourages us to implement innovative and customized solutions, thus helping clients stay ahead of their peers. We continuously strive to earn our clients’ trust and to build lasting relationships, such that clients will continue to hire us even when they move to other positions and refer us to their colleagues.

What products and services do you offer?

Health Economics & Outcomes Research: Strategic planning to implementation with burden of illness and epidemiology studies, value demonstration models, and value communication through publications and applications. Our data experts’ in-house access to Cerner Real World Data (CRWD) and expertise with most commercial and private data helps us execute with speed and precision.

Business & Clinical Strategy: Portfolio prioritization, mergers and acquisitions, clinical and commercial development, innovation, launch planning, market access, competitive positioning, pricing, forecasting, and life cycle planning to help clients make the right business and clinical decisions on a regular basis.

Medical Communications: From communication roadmaps to publication development, our writers and graphic designers create manuscripts, abstracts, posters, marketing materials, and other digital outputs to help our clients develop high-impact communications.

Emerging Practices of Regulatory Affairs and Financial Advisory: Regulatory affairs offers insights, strategy, and writing that complements our core capabilities and is required for bringing products to market. Our financial advisory team provides clients with in-depth knowledge on financial, regulatory, and operational challenges that a life science company may face; services include private placements, partnering and joint ventures, valuations, mergers and acquisitions, and business development.

What problems do you solve?

We help clients develop and implement their business and communication strategies. Strategic problems could be choosing the right path to desired growth or building a multi-year decision tree to fulfill business objectives. Our recommendations are actionable, and we are often involved with implementation projects such as developing the right evidence and promotional materials, demonstrating economic value, and ensuring that key messages are conveyed through the most impactful forums (e.g., publications, conferences, etc.).

What are the most innovative tools and technologies that you offer?

We have embraced the digital era by not only building capabilities to store vast datasets securely, but also a range of programming skills. With in-house access to CRWD, we recently made strides in machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). At ISPOR 2021, BSP professionals led half of the ML sessions. Our work in AI ranges from the creation of predictive models to modeling the value of AI interventions. We continue to develop ML and AI products for clients and our own research purposes. We have also concentrated on our graphic design and layout capabilities; our clients use these outputs for not only medical and health economic purposes, but for attracting investments and updating investors as well.

What are your competitive advantages?

Our people: though that may sound glib, we have assembled a world-class team of MDs, PharmDs, PhDs, and professionals with master’s degrees in various disciplines such as business, biomedical engineering, and public health. Our team also embodies diversity in spades, from being a female professional majority firm to having a higher-than-average percentage of minority ethnicity, LGBTQX, and handicapped employees.

Our most important characteristics are our responsiveness and nimbleness with evolving scope changes which clients love and give us a strong lead to future engagements with them.

Our work from home model since our inception eliminates a significant overhead so that we can price our services competitively. It also helped during the pandemic! We have a broad set of language capabilities and can therefore deal with multiple regions of the world with any engagement.

Who are your clients?

We serve a broad range of companies from start-ups to Fortune 100s across pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical devices, diagnostics, and digital health. We also serve  government agencies (e.g., CDC), investment banks, private equity firms, health insurers, health benefits managers, and health providers. We are happy to offer a comprehensive list of our clients on request.

Where are your laboratories and/or offices located?

Our headquarters are located in Boston, MA, and we also have offices in Philadelphia, PA, Denver, CO, Galway, Ireland, and Pune, India.

What new products and services are you developing in 2022/23?

We are creating more automated processes for several of our current services to increase throughput and optimize turnaround times; examples include serial reports for various pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and devices over a calendar year, using charts and electronic medical record data, and focusing on all competitors (uses, side-effects, outcomes, adherence, compliance with dosing, and switching). We are also augmenting various services associated with project management and data analysis from clinical trials.

To learn more about Boston Strategic Partners and how we can work together, visit our website. If you’re interested in patient counts from our in-house de-identified EHR database with no data access feesubmit a request!

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