Biden, the GOP, and the Future of Medicare

March 13, 2023

As the US Congress deliberates over the Biden administration’s recently released budget proposal, uncertainty looms over the future of Medicare funding. President Biden and most Republicans have pledged not to cut funding from the program, but some outliers within the GOP are pushing for cuts. These potential cuts could take one of a three different forms, according to Kaiser Health News correspondent Julie Rovner in a new NPR interview.

According to Rovner, “So basically, in order to bring down the cost, you can make the people who are on the program pay more, you can make taxpayers who help support the program pay more, or you can pay health care providers – doctors and hospitals and all those folks – less. So those are your three options. Everybody considers any of those things, quote-unquote, “cuts,” although paying providers less is usually only considered a cut to the providers.”

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(Source: NPR, March 12th, 2023)

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