Biden Administration Looks to Stop Coverage of COVID-19 Vaccines and Treatments

August 18, 2022


As the US government increasingly relaxes COVID-19 guidances, the Biden administration is planning for the end of coverage for COVID vaccines and treatments. A planning session will be held by the Department of Health and Human Services on August 30th to discuss the matter with pharma representatives and officials from state health departments.

According to Stephanie Armour, “Both the Trump and Biden administrations always planned to shift the bill for Covid-19 shots and treatments from the federal government to individuals eventually. With Covid-19 cases dropping, more activities resuming and funding for the pandemic response running short, officials are now working to map out that transition. Shifting payments for Covid-19 drugs and vaccines to the commercial market is expected to take months, an HHS spokesman said. At the meeting this month, officials and company representatives will discuss reimbursement and coverage, regulatory issues and access to vaccines and treatment for the uninsured.”

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(Source: The Wall Street Journal, August 18th, 2022)

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