Balancing Research Needs and Big Data Security in Europe

September 11, 2020

Optimal allocation of limited resources depends upon development of sound evidence demonstrating ‘value for money’ and is thus a critical component in healthcare decision-making. In technology evaluation, the most valuable source of data comes from real-world evidence collected from de-identified individuals throughout the continuum of healthcare. However, the ability of individuals to have their personal data erased may limit usefulness of data due to the potential for selection bias. The European Commission has laid the groundwork for a paradigm shift that will seek to balance individual patients’ privacy concerns and issues of data security while still generating useful, meaningful data. Read the full paper here.

[Source: Kolasa, K., Ken Redekop, W., Berler, A. et al. Future of Data Analytics in the Era of the General Data Protection Regulation in Europe. PharmacoEconomics 38, 1021–1029 (2020)]

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