As Pandemic Slows, Will Pfizer Increase Vaccine Price?

February 23, 2021

Pfizer is charging the United States $19.50 per dose of its new vaccine to prevent COVID-19. Pfizer CFO Frank D’Amelio considers this “pandemic pricing.” He notes that a typical price for a vaccine produced by Pfizer is around $150 to $175. He expects the price for Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine to rise considerably in the future.

A representative for Pfizer remarks, “During the pandemic, we priced our vaccine consistent with the urgent global health emergency we are facing to ensure widespread vaccination for all countries,” adding, “Moving forward, we will continue to take a thoughtful approach to pricing, balancing a number of factors—including the value of the vaccine based on the growing evidence base, and access, affordability, and sustainability considerations.” Read more here.

(Source: Eric Sagonowsky, Fierce Pharma, 2/23/21)


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