AJMC Study: Projected US Savings from Biosimilars, 2021-2025

January 18, 2022

In a recent study published in the American Journal of Managed Care, researchers Andrew Mulcahy, PhD, and colleagues project US spending on biosimilars and estimate the total savings provided by them from 2021-2025. Mulcahy et al. estimate that biosimilars would save $38.4 billion in this time frame and up to $124.5 billion in their upper-bound scenario.

According to the paper, “There are many other uncertainties in how biosimilars in the United States will evolve over time. Our savings estimates are based on entry timing, volume share, and pricing assumptions, all of which were chosen to best represent prior US biosimilar and reference biologic trends observed through Q4 2020. Although future US experience for individual biologics will almost certainly deviate from our assumptions, the results presented here were relatively robust to changes in the underlying assumptions.”

Read the entire open-access paper by clicking here.

(Source: AJMC, January 3rd, 2022)

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