Aetion’s Take on RWE Expansion in Europe

March 5, 2021

Aetion’s Ashley Jaska, Vice President of Science, and Nicholas Deltour, Vice President of Real-World Solutions, offered their insight into how RWE (real world evidence) might progress in Europe. For years, RWD (real world data) has been used by pharmaceutical companies to make safety calls. Now, pharma companies are expected to use such data in designing clinical trials. HTAs (health technology assessments) are modifying their guidelines so that RWD can be incorporated into judging a drug’s safety and effectiveness. Still, every country has a slightly different process and timeline.

According to Ashley Jaska, “RWE enables us to study a wider variety of patients, including those who use drugs on a day-to-day basis rather than limiting research to those involved in clinical trials. RWE also allows us the opportunity to personalize medicine, and it will help make decisions easier for doctors and patients, because they’ll have more information about how a treatment works in real clinical practice.” Read more here.

(Source: Aetion, 2/18/21)

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