Achieving Better Health Outcomes with AI-Based Data Analytics – Interview with Richard Gliklich of OM1

November 29, 2022

Robert Gliklich, CEO and founder of OM1, recently sat down with Forbes to discuss how he launched his company, which uses real-world data (RWD), big data analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI). Gliklich developed his interest in RWD and AI after his first major acquisition as a venture capitalist, noting that there was a wealth of data held by specialists that could be used to advance care for those with chronic conditions.

According to Bruce Rogers, “OM1 bring together data, which then that gets processed through electronically to create datasets that have health outcomes. One of the things that are missing a lot of datasets is understanding what the endpoints of care are. ‘So we enrich it by using AI and other technologies to understand health outcomes. And once we’ve done that we can use the data to better understand what the natural history is of a disease or condition—what’s likely to happen to me with disease x in five years,” says Gliklich.’

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(Source: Forbes, November 22nd, 2022)

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