Access Market Intelligence’s Specialty Pharmacy Database Now Available

October 8, 2020

Access Market Intelligence recently released its Specialty Pharmacy Database (SPD) which provides the industry’s most comprehensive, continually updated database on specialty pharmacies. The SPD database will help stakeholders to achieve success through gathering relevant data that will improve their ability to:

  • Ensure products achieve optimal market access positions through proper channel strategies.
  • Execute effective launch strategies for new entities entering the specialty pharmacy market.
  • Develop and maintain detailed profiles of specialty pharmacies for competitive analyses and expansion/acquisition/joint venture.
  • Determine if a specialty pharmacy needs to reposition as centers of excellence in key practice areas.

“As specialty pharmacy continues its rapid growth, there is a critical need to give stakeholders access to the timely and often difficult to obtain information they need on specialty pharmacies, such as drugs for chronic conditions dispensed by location, limited distribution drugs dispensed, accreditation, executive contacts with emails, and more,” said John Santilli, co-founder and president of AMI. “With the SPD database, forward-thinking stakeholders now have a solution to meet those needs, enabling them to solve what has been an ongoing problem for them.” Read more here.

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