Moderna Makes Deal with US Govt for Augmented COVID-19 Booster

July 29, 2022

Moderna has signed a contract worth up to $1.74 billion with the US government to provide an updated version of its mRNA vaccine. This version of the vaccine targets the BA.4/BA.5 Omicron strains that are currently dominant. The deal would get the US an initial 66 million doses, which could later include an additional 234 million.

According to Kyle LaHucik, “Per shot, that’s $26.36. In August 2020, the US bought 100 million doses of the Moderna vaccine for about $10 less, at approximately $15.75 a pop, according to Reuters. Meanwhile, the European Union has in the past paid between $22.60 to $25.50 for each Moderna dose, according to the New York Times.”

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(Source: Endpoints News, July 29th, 2022)

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