2021 Brings Changes for Payers and Providers

January 26, 2021

COVID-19 has broadly impacted the healthcare system. Many fee for service providers were forced to switch to value-based payments over the past year, a change that was already on the horizon, but was greatly sped up by COVID-19. Payers are noting large numbers of Americans who have lost healthcare coverage over the course of the pandemic and are turning to Medicaid.


According to Rita Numerof of Numerof and Associates, “One of the greatest ironies in all this is that because of COVID-19, people are realizing that there’s just as much — if not more — risk in staying in an antiquated, fee-for-service model than there is in embracing an alternative.” Learn more here.

(Source: Samantha Liss, HealthCareDive, 1/22/21)

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