Embrace a truly integrated evidence planning and generation strategy throughout product lifecycle to deliver differentiated value demonstration, productive and reliable development, and commercial success

Right now, the world of evidence strategy and planning is divided.


On the one side, we’re seeing record levels of health data generation, new digital infrastructure development, and widening acceptance of new evidence forms, such as RWE, from stakeholders. This is driving innovation across the product lifecycle – from supporting and even substituting clinical trials, to delivering outcomes-based market access, and providing commercial differentiation.


On the other side, frustration remains as we continue to skirt around the edge of true transformation. Evidence-driven regulatory innovation remains on a case-by-case basis, with a lack of flagship revolutionary initiatives and an unclear blueprint for the future. And key evidence opportunities with payers and providers are being identified and addressed late in the game, impacting product uptake.


We need harmony. And where better to start than looking inwards? We need to normalize an organization-wide approach to holistic evidence planning – where product, lifecycle, function and even data silos are torn down – enabling greater evidence-based decision-making and efficiency across healthcare.


In this latest Reuters Events webinar, we’re bringing together a cross-functional leadership panel of to share insight on the collaboration frameworks and priority capability investments needed to make this happen.


Join this session and you will:


– Understand the complex operational model, including approaches for cross-functional collaboration and decentralization of evidence. Who leads the new approach?

– Learn how to leverage technology and data enabling solutions to help make data-driven decisions, take on managed risks and overcome functional silos

– Discover ways to identify and design game-changing evidence programs

– Gain insights into what the regulators, payers, and providers are saying and what has been the impact so far

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