The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) project Medicare enrollment to grow to 72M in 2025. For many health insurers, Medicare Advantage products deliver the promise of lucrative new revenue streams. Consumers that enroll in these plans tend to be loyal, with less than 10% switching plans every 2 years. The key to winning over these consumers is by offering the lowest cost offering with highest rating when shopping for a plan. To drive down the costs of managing these members, while still achieving improved health outcomes and high levels of engagement, health insurers must tap into connected health experiences to establish a more preemptive model to care. Wearables are always on; they enable a constant connection between a healthcare organization and its members. Please join us for this webcast with Arielle Trzcinski, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, sponsored by Fitbit Health Solutions to learn:

What type of connected experiences Medicare Advantage members want
How wearables can help grow membership, engagement, and retention
How to write the business case for investing in connected health experiences for members
Featured Speaker

Natalie Schibell
Senior Analyst
Forrester Propelling Healthcare Digital
Natalie Schibell is a senior analyst at Forrester serving healthcare leaders. Her research helps healthcare organizations leverage digital technologies to improve workflows and healthcare outcomes. Her research agenda focuses on enterprise health clouds, automation, tech titan disruption, and the new care continuum with particular emphasis on clinician experiences and the future of work in the provider space.

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