We have three dynamic speakers to spark off the debate which you will be able to join via the Zoom platform:

  • Professor Sally Sheard, Head of Department of Public Health and Policy at the Insistute of Population Health Sciences, University of Liverpool, speaking on The complex history of QALY development in UK health policy
  • Professor Anne Spencer, Health Economics Group, University of Exeter, speaking on I’m still standing – How has the QALY overcome the methodological challenges posed?
  • Professor Aki Tsuchiya, School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR) and Department of Economics, University of Sheffield, speaking on Welfarist QALYs vs non-welfarist QALYs

The session will be chaired by Professor Philip Clarke, Director of HERC.

Note: The link to join the meeting will be sent to registrants next Monday 18 May.

Click here for additional information and registration details.

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