This capstone webinar culminates the ISPOR-IVI series with a reflection on future direction and commitment needed to improve the scientific credibility and relevance of VA/HTA to pandemic preparedness. Where have our usual VA/HTA approaches worked and where have they proven inadequate to the challenges presented by COVID-19? Based on our learnings throughout the series, what are the emerging needs for methods, scientific research, public health, and defining and building consensus? What are the most immediate priorities for supporting innovation and access at both US and international levels? Does value-based pricing apply in the pandemic context? How do we coordinate public and private investment in these interventions and treatments?

Learning Objectives:

  • Define US and global future research needs (methods, data, etc.) to support effective VA/HTA related to COVID-19
  • Define important considerations to balance access, affordability, and incentives to innovate for diagnostics, treatments, and vaccines for COVID-19
  • Discuss current public health gaps and how to prioritize necessary investment with limited resources
  • Evaluate coordination of different stakeholders in the US, and cross-country collaboration

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