An AMCP and Milliman Corporate Training Program

The specialty pharmacy supply chain is complex. As the percentage of health care cost on specialty pharmacy increases, so does the number of stakeholders seeking solutions to reduce cost. Makers of specialty pharmaceuticals are contending with specialty distributors, specialty pharmacies, and health care providers who are all competing for a dominant position in drug delivery and reimbursement. Increasingly, influence from non-supply chain participants is shaping future considerations for specialty pharmaceutical manufacturers. These factors, as well as an increase in the number of high-cost therapies, incentivize employers, PBMs, manufacturers, and other stakeholders to reassess their business models and contracting arrangements for distribution and reimbursement.

Join us to hear managed care experts explore specialty pharmacy supply chain strategies, including motivations and challenges associated with various sourcing options across the pharmacy and medical benefit. Gaining a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges that come with the specialty pharmacy supply chain will be imperative in adapting successfully to this evolving pharmaceutical landscape.

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