The medical writing career landscape has blossomed over the past decade, creating opportunities for both novice and seasoned medical writers to broaden their horizons. This session introduces self-empowerment as a skill that can be developed, honed, and applied effectively to quieten the inner critic, strategize lateral movement within the industry, and leave the writer poised for success. Self-empowerment means recognizing and utilizing our innate strengths to achieve our highest and best use as medical writers. A self-empowered writer is one who recognizes that success in any endeavor may not be certain; however, one way to get there is to take what is known in one field and apply it to another. This talk aims to captivate and inspire medical writers of all experience levels to reexamine the transformational power of self-empowerment in their professional paths.

Learning Objectives

After participating in this webinar, participants should be able to:

  • Define key self-empowerment strategies and recognize which one(s) would add the most value to their personal journey
  • Understand and recognize self-imposed internal barriers and boundaries preventing personal growth
  • Learn about pragmatic approaches to building resilience during lateral growth / path transitions and beyond

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