The current clinical trial model is not patient centric. The journey from recruitment, to enrolment and completion is both arduous and time consuming, leading 30% of patients to drop out rather than stay enrolled for the opportunity of life-altering medicine.

Join Reuters Events Pharma’s latest webinar, The Roadmap to Virtual Engagement in Clinical Trials, to discover how to employ innovations in digital technology and data sources to revolutionize the patient experience, drive new efficiencies and increase retention.

You’ll hear from industry leaders Jacob LaPorte, Co-founder and Global Head, Novartis BIOME; Celine Ulmann, Head of R&D Digital, Almirall; Jennifer Turcotte, Life sciences lead, Salesforce and Brian Neman, CEO and Co-founder, Sanguine Biosciences.

You will learn how to:

  • Reduce the complexity of recruitment and enrolment: Engage patients, whenever or wherever they prefer, to instil greater confidence and compatibility with trial operations
  • Connect investigators and patients: Use telehealth, easy-to-use apps and mobile technology to eliminate the burden of site travel to create patient-preferred trials
  • Leverage data and analytics: Capture a holistic view of the clinical trial experience by developing real-world insights faster

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