Stakeholders throughout managed care pharmacy are continually seeking new ways to find and communicate information efficiently, comprehensively, and compliantly to facilitate healthcare decision making. Communication mediums and methods continue to evolve, with a particular push towards new avenues that promote quicker dissemination of information earlier in the approval process. In this webinar, experts from Xcenda and FormularyDecisions will share trends in communications and how compliant dissemination of information can be supported. In addition, Editor in Chief of the Journal of Managed Care and Specialty Pharmacy, Dr. Laura E. Happe, will discuss publication trends in the scientific community and considerations for researchers in how they navigate the balance between timing and rigor when seeking publication opportunities.

Join us to learn from this expert panel:

  • Review trends in communication mediums, with focus in the managed care community
  • Understand perspectives in how virtual information dissemination continues to evolve
  • Explore publication strategies that expedite dissemination while protecting the rigor of peer reviewed publications
  • Discover how to leverage digital platforms such as FormularyDecisions which support compliant exchange of information

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