Growing demand for larger and more tailored data during key stakeholder engagements means that maintaining the tools used during meetings with up-to-date data is an increasingly cumbersome task.

BaseCase Data Connect allows you to connect your stakeholder engagement tools to web services, such as online databases, removing the need for manual data updates. This empowers teams to query large databases and return the most up-to-date data live during meetings with key stakeholders. The resulting data can then be further analyzed and integrated into your product’s value story – helping to create truly custom and time-relevant value messages.

Key features include:

Connect your BaseCase apps to both public and private databases using an API key – irrespective of their volume or complexity.
Use parameters to filter your query and drill-down into specific subsets of the data, such as demographic groups, regions, or populations.
Regulate how frequently the data is updated and refreshed with a user-determined automatic sync.
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