This roundtable will provide the opportunity to share current opinions and experiences regarding the role of social media in medical publications and to discuss the various considerations.

  • For example, how do stakeholders in medical publications presenting biopharmaceutical industry sponsored studies use social media appropriately to increase reach and impact of the science?
  • How do they increase engagement between HCPs?
  • What are the boundaries between social media and promotional activity in medical publications with authors from pharmaceutical industry?
  • Can authors be asked to share their publications on social media platforms? Can we train authors in social media techniques and behaviour – just as we would for speaker training?
  • What can be included in tweets (eg, diseases, product names, study names, outcomes, outcomes data)?
  • To where can social media posts link?
  • Is the biopharmaceutical industry at a disadvantage in seeking scientific exchange compared with other non-industry medical publications?
  • Is it appropriate to use social media analytics and digital footprint analysis in the selection of authors?
  • And should social media listening be incorporated into publications planning activities, to inform future planning or to respond to issues raised?

We hope that these discussions will prompt participants to future-ready, because the future is now!

Discussion objectives:

  • Form an opinion on whether social media is a useful tool to enhance publication visibility
  • Identify key criteria for social media activities for publications
  • Take actions to provoke a clear position on social media in publications

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