The landscape of RWD can be difficult to navigate. Real world data mapping provides a tool to systematically identify and evaluate RWD sources.

Real world data (RWD) has the potential to inform drug development, drug regulation, health technology assessments, and to refine clinical guidelines by characterising a product’s clinical outcomes in more diverse, real world patient populations. RWD sources are wide ranging, from national and regional registries, electronic medical records, claims databases, health surveys, to clinical databases. The growth and heterogeneity of RWD sources has created a data landscape that is increasingly difficult to navigate; identifying data sources to help answer strategic or study objectives is not always an obvious choice.

Real world data mapping is a flexible methodology that can be customized to meet various needs, whether to locate data sources to answer a specific study question or to get a larger overview of RWD sources for an indication of interest.

Join us for an overview real world data mapping and learn how it can be leveraged to uncover real world data.

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