As we race to develop effective treatments for COVID-19 against a backdrop of Black Lives Matters activism, the impetus to change could not be greater. That’s why Reuters Events Pharma has brought together experts from across healthcare to share insights on how to improve racial diversity in clinical trials now – and why achieving industry-wide change can happen more quickly than you might think.

We’ll uncover how you can diversify participation within given project timeframes and budgets, set expectations with contractors and investigators, create materials that speak to minority populations, and elevate health literacy. You’ll learn how to optimize trial design and gain senior leadership buy-in to ensure your research delivers valued products with improved outcomes for all patient populations.

Join us for this essential conversation and discuss:

  • Trace the history of research diversity and inclusion, and discover how reactionary events have critically shaped our approach to diverse participation
  • How to adapt research design and overcome critical barriers to BAME recruitment and retention, from site selection to childcare compensation
  • Build key relationships with community advocacy groups, healthcare professionals and grassroots leaders to elevate your outreach and education strategy
  • Increase accountability in research design by recruiting diverse volunteer and professional teams throughout the clinical development process
  • Explore the future of regulatory guidance and its role in ensuring diverse participation in research

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