This encore presentation of the TechFest portion of the Patients as Partners conference offers a closer look at a selection of companies that provide solutions for DCTs, community-based research, diversity, equality and equity as well as decreasing barriers for patients to find research and researchers to find patients.

Companies and Presenters:

Integrated Solutions to Treating Patients in the Community

  • Integrated services MRN delivers for community based clinical research
  • How MRN delivers decentralized clinical trials
  • The benefits for patients, sites and sponsors



Paraxel’s Approach to Decentralized Clinical Trials: Improving Access, Diversity and Experience

  • Enabling research participation from participants’ homes or communities using a decentralized model reduces barriers and improves participant access and experience


Differentiating Between Equality and Equity in Access to Decentralized Clinical Trials Participation

In this session, Medable’s Jena Daniels with Dr. Gaurav Dave of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill discuss some solutions for more equitable access for patients in decentralized clinical trials.


A Matchmaking and Patient Recruitment Management Platform to Empower Patients: The Clinical Trial Tool for Everyone

  • What is helping patients find clinical trials and improving the probability of their participation?
  • How are Advocacy Groups using CenterWatch iConnect to increase awareness and access?


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