An AMCP and Precision Value & Health Corporate Training Program

Over the last four –to five years, the market has seen the launch of numerous cell and gene therapies including Yescarta, Kymriah, Luxterna, and Zolgensma to name a few. The market for cell and gene therapy is poised to expand exponentially with over 1,100 cell and gene therapy companies who are actively conducting over 1,000 clinical trials.

Cell and gene therapies present tremendous clinical and humanistic opportunity to change the course of disease but also present several unique aspects that differ from more traditional therapies and can even differ between cell and gene therapy. These differences will impact how innovators develop evidence, manufacturing, and distribution capabilities and payers assess value, make coverage decisions and manage reimbursement.

Our half-day course will provide foundational information to equip the audience with how to best develop a compelling evidence package for cell and gene therapies, how payers will apply their assessment in decision-making, and how to best bridge the gap between these two. The program will be structured with a mixture of presentations and panel discussions.

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