As payers conduct product reviews earlier and earlier in the development lifecycle, their demand for pre-approval information continues to grow. Recent research shows, however, that a gap still exists between the evidence sought by healthcare decision makers and what is actually being shared by manufacturers. Add to this the impact of COVID-19 on providing information in a timely and relevant manner, and the challenges continue.

To address these, an expert panel of payers, manufacturers and consultants is being brought together to provide perspectives on what is currently being seen in the industry and how to effectively support and continue this early, meaningful, and effective exchange of information for pre-approval products.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The latest research, industry trends and guidelines around pre-approval information exchange (PIE)
  • Payer perspectives on PIE that are impactful in their decision-making
  • Manufacturer best practices and processes for PIE to meet the needs of payers
  • Virtual opportunities for key stakeholders to connect and share critical product information

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