With the increase in open, more virtual internal and external scientific communications, scientific communication teams are having to adapt and develop additional skill sets. For example, what additional training and skillsets do publication leads need to work more effectively with the rapidly evolving virtual congress environment? What tools are medical communication leads using to track publication progress to better anticipate impacts upon their own activities and planning in this virtual world?

What additional considerations may be needed to meet the demands of the ‘virtual’ world? How can teams work more effectively and collaboratively in the virtual environment? Adaptation is clearly a necessity – the challenge is how to get there with minimal disruption of workflow. This roundtable discussion will focus on how to helps teams adapt to fit the new, increasingly open, and virtual world of scientific communications.

Discussion objectives:

  • Identify leadership and team structure for scientific communications
  • Ignite conscious exploration into the ideal scientific communications department, including maximization of effectiveness and efficiencies of job roles and responsibilities

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