The question of patient co-creation in clinical has moved far beyond the why and into the how. After a pandemic-driven explosion of trial design innovation, widespread adoption of DCT and Hybrid trials has accelerated, driving with it a plethora of new patient preference insights.

From the pharma perspective, the benefits of DCT design are numerous. From participant recruitment, engagement, and optimizing research efficiencies, virtual studies often provide more diversity in research outcomes, drawing data from larger geography sets and allows for more continuous data collection.

The question now is how do we ensure that we are fulfilling the promise of DCTs from a patient perspective?

Join LEO Pharma, Sanofi, THREAD, Modus Outcomes, People with Empathy (patient advocacy), and InVibe as they discuss:

– How co-creation differs within DCTs and Traditional trials
– Where patient co-creation can make the difference in remote, hybrid and full DCT trials
– How to gather and implement iterative patient feedback in ongoing trial design
– Balance patient, caregiver and healthcare system requirements to ensure retention and diversity
– Understand how patients value and assess novel endpoints in DCTs

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