Join the College of Population Health for the third session in its new speaker series, Innovation in Personalized Medicine & Population Health. Multi-Cancer Early Detection (MCED) assays represent a new paradigm in cancer screening with the potential to deliver on the long-unfulfilled promise of earlier detection of many cancers with a single test. However, introducing such technology at scale has the potential to create new challenges for patients, providers, and health systems. In this session we will explore ways to translate technology into action and build your organization’s toolbox.

Learning objectives:
Review the potential impact of MCED testing across a broad population of higher risk individuals
Explore the challenges of implementing MCED programs at the health system and provider level
Discuss potential strategies to support patients and providers in navigating the new paradigm

Dax Kurbegov, MD
Vice President and Physician-in-Chief of Clinical Operations
Sarah Cannon

Candace Westgate, DO, MPH, FACOG
Founder and Director, AHEAD
Adventist Health

Moderated by
Alexis Skoufalos, EdD
Associate Dean
Jefferson College of Population Health
Thomas Jefferson University

This series is supported by an educational grant from GRAIL

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